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Apple announces news aggregation service for iOS 9

Apple announced a news aggregation app at the Worldwide Developer Conference, named News. The app will be available on iOS 9 this fall, featuring a wide range of publishers from all across the world.

Similar to Flipboard, News will feature a whole new design for an article, complete with large beautiful images and native video. Apple has also added in animation for articles, allowing a fully interactive experience.

Users will be able to curate news they want to read, including their favorite newspapers and blogs alongside favorite genres. The genres can be everything from ‘Tech’ to ‘Swift programming language’, letting the user find the most niche news.

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News features content from The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Wired, Daily Mail and a whole lot more. Apple plans to offer a simple way for publishers to sign up on iOS 9 and receive additional traffic on articles, although Apple did not make any remarks on adverts.

This is the only questionable part of News, whether publishers will receive any monetary gains for integrating articles. We would assume, with the large interest Apple has been able to pull, News offers some form of advertising or revenue.

Apple’s move into the publishing world will likely be indirect, focused on building an application capable of showing off articles in a beautiful and vibrant way. That said, Apple plans to launch a radio station on iOS 9, meaning we cannot be too sure what it has up its sleeve.

News will be available alongside other new apps like Wallet, Search and Apple Pay for the UK on iOS 9. Users can sign up next month for the public beta test or wait for the launch this fall.