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Apple CarPlay wants to take over your dashboard

This year's Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) has been great for the consumer, with a lot of new apps, features and services being announced, as well as revamps for the existing ones.

We have finally seen what Apple Music, its new music streaming service, will look like, and we now know that OS X El Capitan will make its way to our Macs in the autumn.

The company has also shown Apple CarPlay – the iOS for the car, and judging by what was seen – Apple wants to completely take over your four-wheeled pet.

Apple's senior vice president of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, announced that CarPlay will begin allowing automakers to add apps into the system starting with the release of iOS 9 this autumn. This is a huge deal, as carmakers can now place native car controls such as air conditioning or radio inside CarPlay and throw their own dashboard through the window.

Currently, if you’re listening to some music over CarPlay and want to readjust your air conditioning, you have to leave the OS, switch to the car’s native controls, readjust the air conditioning, and then head back to CarPlay.

Theoretically, this new feature would prevent that kind of context-switching by turning all of a car's functionality into an app or two.

It will be an interesting battle, as Android already has something similar. Android Auto has a UI tab that allows automakers to interact directly with the car. It is not, however, currently implemented in any production vehicles.