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Apple Music coming to Android this summer

Apple Music will launch first on iOS devices, but surprisingly it will come to Android this summer. It is one of the first apps to be available on Google’s rival mobile platform.

In the past, Apple has avoided Android like the plague, keeping all apps on iOS only. The issue is even with the mass avoidance, Android continue to grow until it swallowed 80 per cent of most mobile markets.

Apple is in a position similar to Windows in the late 90s, where it needs to support the rival platform in order to push its features to millions of users. It might pain Apple to work with the enemy, but the truth is Apple Music might need Android to be successful.

The music streaming service features a whole new world of content for listeners, including a 24/7 Internet radio service and social network for artists to show backstage and unfinished content to fans.

Even though the main music platform costs £9.99 per month, Beats 1 and Connect are both free for users. Apple is hoping all of this content in one ecosystem will push the user to subscribe. Apple is even offering three months free trial, to sweeten the deal further.

Apple Music seems like the ultimate music service, even if some of the Connect seems a little odd (Ping, anyone?) and the Internet radio service sounds similar to the Anchorman 2 plot to create 24 hour news.

The biggest challenger for Apple Music is Spotify. One of the things Spotify offers that Apple Music doesn’t is a freemium model, but it appears several artists are willing to drop Spotify completely in exchange for a new non-ad supported service.

Most of Spotify’s free users come from Android, which might make it hard for Apple Music’s paid model to make waves on the Google Play store.