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Apple Music: Everything you need to know

The future of music is here, so Apple would have you believe, with the company using its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) to announce its latest streaming service.

Apple Music was just one of a whole host of announcements made at the event, with a number of other software updates also revealed by CEO Tim Cook.

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The music service will be made available to iOS users from 30 June, with Android fans having to wait until autumn, and will offer a number of distinctive features, including three separate offerings: Beats 1, Connect and Apple Music.

Beats 1 will serve as Apple’s 24-hour radio station, playing a diverse range of music, interspersed with interviews and other content, and be presented by Zane Lowe, best known for his work on BBC Radio 1. Connect will offer users more of a social platform, where they can visit artist pages and engage with musicians via video and audio content.

The core Apple Music service, meanwhile, will work similarly to other streaming platforms like Spotify and collate the user’s existing music library with the 30 million tracks available through iTunes. Individual playlists can be created and shared with others and music experts and artists will also offer up their favourite tracks.

A subscription to Apple Music will cost $9.99 a month, with users also offered a three-month free trial. A family plan is also available for a monthly fee of $14.99.

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Although Apple Music faces a tough challenge to dominate the music streaming world, few would bet against a company that has had so many recent successes. The likes of Spotify and Tidal may have a head-start, but with the brand loyalty that Apple possesses there’s every chance that it could become the number one music streaming service before long.