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Apple reveals more HomeKit appliances at WWDC

With HomeKit having been announced for more than a year now, it has perhaps gone unnoticed at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) so far.

In amongst higher-profile reveals regarding Apple Music and new iOS 9 features, information on HomeKit was a little harder to find.

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However, the WWDC event did confirm that the smart home app will be able to control a wide range of appliances, including thermostats, blinds, lights and locks. Other newly announced categories included security systems and carbon monoxide detectors.

The release of iOS 9 will also enable users to control their devices remotely via iCloud, although Apple did not confirm whether HomeKit would connect to individual devices directly or if a central hub, which many have speculated as Apple TV, is required.

The other major HomeKit announcement is that the platform will be coming to wearable devices. WatchOS 2.0 will support HomeKit and allow you to control appliances using your smartwatch. Both the Apple Watch and the iPhone will also include Siri support for HomeKit, so you can manage your home using voice commands.

HomeKit has been a bit of slow burner for Apple, with compatible devices only just hitting the market. Smart lighting from Lutron and a home hub by Insteon are available now, with further products promised from Elgato and Ecobee, but the service is yet to debut its “killer app.”

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Apple will probably not be overly concerned with the lack of uptake, as the Internet of Things ecosystem is still far from fully developed. Once smart devices become more commonplace, the likes of HomeKit and its competitors are likely to make far more of an impression on consumers.