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Google Glass could be coming sooner than you know it

Google I/O was devoid of any Google Glass talk, but a new job listing on the company’s website hints that the commercial version might only be a few months from completion.

The team behind Google Glass is looking for an Advanced Technology Manufacturer Engineer for the final assembly, test and pack (FATP) procedure.

Shopping for these types of engineers means Google is serious about launching Google Glass into the mainstream. Still, there could be a few months before the engineer actually starts work on the manufacturing side of the device.

Nest Labs started work on Google Glass in late 2014, following the removal of the Explorer Edition from the store. Google said it would continue development of Google Glass, but many said it was the end of the augmented reality experiment.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and other executives have reconfirmed the mission to commercially release a Google Glass product, although no timeframe has been given.

No one on the outside knows the changes made to Google Glass between the Explorer and commercial edition. We can bet one will be the price, dropping down from the exorbitant £800 to a price more reasonable for the average consumer.

Microsoft HoloLens and Magic Spark are both working on competitive augmented reality platforms, although the former has more engagement in the gaming community and the latter seems to be making a wild and wacky UX, but no information on release date.

The software should stay the same for the most part, considering the glanceable information and speech dictation has been used on Android Wear; Google’s other wearable project.

Google Glass might come later this year, but our money is on a launch in 2016.