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How to download iOS 9

The latest version of Apple's mobile operating system, the iOS 9, is currently in its beta version, but that's good enough for early adopters and all those eager to see what the new OS brings.

It focuses more on performance and less on the looks (which is fairly unorthodox from Apple), yet it brings a couple of much needed features, like the split-screen multitasking for the iPad (hopefully made to go with the new, bigger iPad), reworked News app, vastly improved Siri, etc.

However, the biggest changes are under the hood. You can expect more battery life from your devices, going up to three hours, given that the OS will leave less of a footprint. It will also improve the system’s overall speed.

There are two ways to get your hands on the iOS 9:

Apple Dev account

  • Back-up your phone using iTunes
  • Navigate to the iOS developer site and sign up for an account (it will cost you £65)
  • Find the iOS 9 beta link in the main menu
  • Download the installation files
  • Open iTunes > Option key + “Check for update”
  • Pick the iOS 9 beta file from your desktop, and then restore your data from the backup

Without the Dev account

There’s also an option to download the iOS 9 without the developer account, however none of the personal stuff you have on your phone will be restorable once you downgrade back to iOS 8.3.

Phone Arena has listed the download links for all available devices. Once you download the installation files for your device, simply follow the guide above.