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Siri on the Watch is deeply integrated with Apple Music

Anyone with an iPhone 4S and newer tried Siri at least once in their lifetime. Hell, even those who don't own an iPhone messed with someone else's Siri at least once.

Why? Because it's fun to mess with a digital assistant and it's even more fun to hear a smartphone burn your friends without showing remorse, or shame, or pity.

However, after the release of the Apple Watch, and even more recently, after the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference, Siri has also gotten a couple of changes to make it more useful on a wearable device.

The first thing you'll notice after the update is the looks – Siri now looks more more like the version of Siri on the Apple Watch. The digital assistant is also more functional now – it is able to run searches of your photo roll based on dates and locations, and you can also set contextual reminders based on what you’re doing on the phone.

But perhaps the best thing is its deep integration with another new product, Apple Music, letting you request specific songs or most-popular playlists (for example you can say:“Hey Siri, play the most popular song from 2002.“ Even though I have no idea why would anyone listen to Nelly).

Apple also claims the iOS 9 version of Siri is faster and turns out more-accurate results.

Using Siri on the Watch is as simple as it can be. All you need to do is raise your wrist and speak the words „Hey Siri“ within range of Apple Watch.

In case you're having trouble waking up Siri, there might be a couple of things you should consider. Apple has created a short video tutorial for all those in need of assistance.