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Whitepaper: Support customer retention and growth

The 6 benefits of ERP as a Financial Management System

Customer-facing companies offering financial, hospitality, retail and transport services, consist of a front-office containing sales teams and customer services staff alongside back-office(s) dealing with manufacturing, development, administration and business planning. Whilst day-to-day activities differ between back and frontoffice, there will be an ultimate, company-wide goal; keep the customer happy and continue to grow the customer base.

Management of costs and a consistent service to customers is core to driving customer retention and growth.

To achieve this goal, both back and front-office processes must be seamlessly aligned to ensure customer service is outstanding, production efficient and a tight handle is kept on costs and budgets. Many CEOs are increasingly focusing on balancing efficiency and agility to cut costs without cutting value or leaving their organisations exposed to external upheavals.

Customer-facing teams are likely to use a specialist system, such as a contact desk or a booking system that enables them to serve customers efficiently. However, a disconnect between front-office and back-office systems can have a serious effect on the level of service customers receive. Aberdeen Group found that a lack of accounting integration causes 56% of respondent’s difficulty in ensuring consistency across data². Enabling customer-facing teams with the correct data is vital for good customer service.

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