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Apple fixes the keyboard with iOS9

It's always the little things in technology that are annoying, isn't it? Apple users have long been annoyed by the keyboard on the iOS, which failed to properly offer lowercase or uppercase letters when typing a text or a message.

Well, it seems as the company finally fixed that little issue which might prove to be of bigger value to users than, say, Apple Music or anything else they announced during the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Up until now, much like the physical keyboard on the MacBook, all letters were uppercase at all time. Android users, for example, don’t have such problems. The Android keyboard has a shift and a caps lock button at the same place, helping the user know what mode he or she is typing in.

Before iOS 7, the Shift key used to be highlighted in blue when activated, so users could clearly see which mode they were typing in. Except, of course, when they block the view with their fingers.

Apple changed that to a monochromatic highlight, however, and made it rather more ambiguous — all of which is now a non-issue thanks to the change to show lower and upper case letters for what they truly are.

In case you’ve never had the chance to type anything on an iPhone and have no clue what I’m talking about, there is a YouTube video showing the new keyboard feature in action which can be seen above.