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EE unveils live streaming 4GEE Action Cam

Another new company is getting on board the action camera market, and rather surprisingly, in this case it is mobile network EE.

The operator has unveiled its 4GEE Action Cam, a standalone device which it says is perfect for those who want to stream live HD video at fast speeds via its expansive 4G network.

The Action Cam gives you the option of live streaming via skeegle, or you can save to an SD card – with broadcast video you’ll get a resolution of 720p, and the device is capable of capturing full HD video when saving out to the card. It’s also possible to lower the resolution to get a more favourable frame rate if you prefer a smooth 60 fps.

The camera can also snap 13 megapixel photos, and innovatively comes with a bundled watch that has a viewfinder to allow the user to frame a shot on their wrist, or control the camera, starting and stopping recording or ordering a photo to be taken – handy if you’re leaving the camera to film in one spot, or perhaps attaching it to a drone.

An app will be available for iOS and Android giving similar controls, and also grants the ability to further manage your clips and photos.

EE says the camera offers three hours of battery life, and is part of its new ‘connected strategy’ that will see further innovative products being developed for consumers, the smart home, connected car, and for businesses too.

Olaf Swantee, CEO of EE, commented: “We’ve introduced our ‘connected strategy’ as we understand our customers not only want superfast coverage, they want products that give them the very best experiences, coupled with the most innovative and exciting ways in which to share them.

“The 4GEE Action Cam is a great example of this, a product that keeps us connected in a new way, even in the most extreme conditions, sharing those epic moments as they unfold. It’s the first of several highly innovative products from our devices portfolio to be unveiled this year for work and for play, offering a video experience like no other currently available on the market.”

The 4GEE Action Cam will be available from June 16, priced at £300 on PAYG with 2GB of data allowance for 30 days, or £400 with 24GB of data over one year.

Alternatively, on a pay monthly contract the gadget will cost £15 per month bundled with 2GB of monthly data, or £20 per month will get you 10GB of monthly data.

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