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Facebook Messenger Platform receives its first mobile game

Facebook Messenger Platform was launched a few months ago, allowing developers to create over-the-top apps that run inside Facebook Messenger.

For the most part, the pseudo-App Store has been all GIFs and other native ways to view media, but earlier today Messenger Platform received its first mobile game.


Doodle Draw Game, a clone of OMGPOP’s Draw Something, allows Facebook friends to send sketches to one another. The recipient guesses the sketch presented, earning points for every right answer.

It might not be the innovative answer Facebook is searching for, but it is a start. The social network wants co-op and competitive games to be played on Messenger and has been courting game developers to work on the platform.

Facebook intends to mend the relationship it has with game developers, after changing the algorithm a few too many times against games on the News Feed. It is part of the reason why Zynga lost a huge amount of views in 2013.

Games inside Messenger could mean an extra few minutes on the app. In the advertising world, a few minutes extra spent playing a mini-game inside a messaging client could bump the rate up considerably.

Facebook seems content allowing almost all app developers a chance on Messenger Platform. Woes that Facebook will become too controlling or demanding are still out in the open, but for the most part the social network has offered Messenger Platform as a free ecosystem for app developers to create native solutions to common messaging problems.