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Judo Payments to provide payments platform for Apple Pay in the UK

Judo Payments has announced a partnership with Apple, announcing the payments platform will integrate heavily with Apple Pay when it launches next month in the UK.

The announcement comes just a few days after the Worldwide Developer Conference, where Apple revealed new store, loyalty and rewards cards would be available at select stores.

Judo Payments already provides major payments systems for app developers in Europe. It is working with merchants to integrate Apple Pay into mobile apps, planning to add Judo security and fraud prevention on top of Apple’s own payment security.


“Cardless technology like Apple Pay will revolutionise the way we buy goods,” said Dennis Jones, CEO of Judo Payments. “The phrase game changer is over-used but this will genuinely change consumers’ behaviour and we couldn’t be happier to be involved at the initial launch.”

Apple swept the UK banks and retailers, adding seven out of the eight major banks and 250,000 retailers. Barclays is the only bank not participating in the launch, citing security issues with Apple Pay and contactless payment in general.

“The integration of Apple Pay into our iOS SDK will enable consumers to utilise the smart computer in their pocket," said Jones. “We’ve already seen an increase in lower value transactions lead to a big rise in cashless payments and the launch of Apple Pay is set to make a big impact on this payments revolution"

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The optimism surrounding Apple Pay is enough to make retailers think twice about spending limitations on contactless payments. Several retailers are looking to remove the limits altogether for Apple Pay customers, while others plan to raise the limits.

Apple has not said where it will bring Apple Pay next, but China looks to be an obvious region given Alibaba’s interest in a partnership and the 30 million iPhone 6 customers.