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Trasense £18 wearable plans to shake up the industry

The launch of smartwatches forced wearable manufacturers to concede some of the premium price, but a young startup from Shenzhen, China plans to break the market with an £18 wearable.

Even though it is not uncommon for wearables to be priced this low in China, Trasense plans to launch the Movement in the US, UK and a few other places in Europe.

The design of the Movement features a polycarbonate band and aluminium center piece. An LED light resides in the center, potentially connecting to the phone to notify the user of messages. Trasense has also built a funky USB charger for the wearable.

It is not the hardware that is exciting, but Trasense’s focus on actionable information and goals. Alongside the Movement, Trasense has built a fitness and health app for iOS or Android, capable of tracking walking, running, sleeping and calories.


The app will update users goals based on previous gains, allowing the user to achieve even more and offering cool off periods. Even though Trasense’s accuracy has not been checked, hopefully the app will provided detailed analysis and useful goals.

What would really make actionable goals meaningful is if they change depending on the success or failure state. Being able to choose how much weight you want to lose or how many steps you want to take could give the goals more meaning.

Trasense is looking for £7,740 to fund the Kickstarter. It has already managed to grab £8,700 in the first three days, with 28 days to go on the crowdfunding campaign.