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What Apple didn't announce at WWDC 2015

Apple announced quite a lot of new software and service updates at WWDC 2015, but there was still quite a few rumoured products and services missing from the event.

Internet TV

Apple has been in talks with television networks for over a year now, working on plans to launch an Internet TV service. The platform will feature live TV, on-demand content, alongside movies, old catalogue and other content.

A few weeks before WWDC, we heard rumours Apple was still in talks with some of the networks, which may be why we didn’t see any news. CBS CEO Les Moonves claimed the two companies were still in talks on the price of content.

Apple’s Internet TV service should be available for £25 to £40 per month when it launches, although there is no guarantee it will ever launch in the UK.

Apple TV

Rumours of a big change coming to the Apple TV have been floating around for months, but Apple decided again to reveal nothing of the fourth generation set-top box.

WWDC is more to do with software and services, meaning the Apple TV would have stuck out like a sore thumb as the only hardware device launched.

We expect the next generation Apple TV will be announced at a later event, possibly when the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are released in September.


We were expecting Apple to come out of the gate swinging with its new smart home platform, considering Google announced Project Brillo and a new computing language called Weave, both focused on the smart home market.

Instead, we got a small update on the new devices enabled on HomeKit, including thermostat, locks and smart windows. There was no demo of a product for HomeKit, again leaving a lot to be desired when Nest Labs already has products on the market and has built the ‘Works with Nest’ ecosystem for third-party developers.

iPad Pro

Another hardware product we expect to see announced later in the year, leaked schematics, covers and rumours have shown us all we need to know about the upcoming iPad Pro.

Apple did demo a new Split View mode for the iPad on iOS 9, allowing the user to multi-task with two apps open at the same time. The iPad Pro, with its 12.9-inch display, should be a more productive tablet when using the Split View.

iTunes Radio

It looks like Apple’s free radio service is getting the chop, in favor of Internet radio on Apple Music. No announcements or mention of iTunes Radio happened at WWDC 2015.

Apple Music features Beats 1, the “first 24/7 Internet radio station.” We expect other radio stations to pop-up with DJs and live acts, alongside interactive quizzes and all the usual jazz we hear on regular radio.