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Apple is sending out cars, producing Street View style service in the UK

Apple is following in the well-worn tyre treads of Google, by sending a fleet of vehicles out onto the streets of the UK and Ireland – presumably cars which won’t be sniffing out Wi-Fi networks, ahem – in order to help improve its Maps service.

This is apparently part of an effort by Cupertino to implement a Street View rival, as in an official statement on its website, the company admits it will be taking photos as part of this endeavour. And it’s a move bound to please privacy activists – burglars will eventually have a second source of online photos to case prospective joints, and spot the (open) garages which are laden with all manner of goodies.

The Guardian spotted Apple’s announcement which details the locations the cars will be deployed in, during the second half of this month.

In England, the areas covered will be Greater London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey, and parts of the West Midlands including Birmingham, Warwickshire, Staffordshire and Worcestershire.

For the full list of the exact areas, see the web page here. The cars will also be deployed across Leinster in Ireland, and 13 different states in the US.

Apple notes: “Apple is driving vehicles around the world to collect data which will be used to improve Apple Maps … We are committed to protecting your privacy while collecting this data. For example, we will blur faces and license plates on collected images prior to publication.”