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Here's how to watch the Oculus press conference

As the biggest gaming event of the year, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) draws closer, the biggest players in the game are already starting to turn up the oven.

One of those players is obviously Oculus Rift, the Facebook-owned company which created Oculus VR, the head-mounted virtual reality display.

The company is looking to get a jump on their rivals Sony and Valve by holding a press conference days ahead of the official kick off the world's biggest videogame show.

The company says it will be "talking about the future of virtual reality, gaming, the Rift, and more", it says in the official press release posted on the Oculus blog on Tuesday.

The press conference will take place in San Francisco, at 6 PM GMT+1 and you can watch it online.

It will kick off at:

  • San Francisco - 10am
  • New York - 1pm
  • London - 6pm
  • Paris - 7pm
  • Amsterdam - 7pm
  • Johannesburg - 7pm
  • Moscow - 8pm
  • New Delhi - 10.30pm
  • Bangkok - Midnight
  • Beijing - 1am (Friday)
  • Hong Kong - 1am (Friday)
  • Tokyo - 2am (Friday)
  • Sydney - 3am (Friday)

Live streams of the event will be available on both and “You can visit and click the ‘Add to My Calendar’ button to quickly add the livestream details to your calendar for a reminder to tune in when the event begins,” the company says.

Ahead of the conference, and ahead of the final consumer product release, Oculus also decided to change its logo.

The press conference is expected to unveil the product’s final design, as well as pricing and availability.