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Is Apple’s iPod now living on borrowed time?

Have we seen a major sign that Apple’s iPod music player is about to be done away with in the near future? The fact that the music player has been stripped from the main menu of Apple’s website is hardly a good omen for the device…

Yes, if you hop on over to the site you’ll now see that the iPod option no longer exists on the menu which runs along the top and lists all Apple’s major products (as spotted by Digital Spy).

It has been replaced by a new option, Music, reflecting the importance of Apple Music, the firm’s new music streaming service which dominates most of this tab when you click through to it. iTunes is also represented on this Music page, as is the iPod, but the latter is right at the bottom of the page (along with the Beats shop offering headphones and other music-related hardware).

The iPod classic was retired back in October 2014 – following which thousands of the devices were sold for much inflated prices on eBay. Could the rest of the music player range soon only be selling second-hand on auction sites?

Currently you can still get the iPod shuffle at £40, the 16GB iPod nano at £129, and the iPod touch starting from £159.

Apple Music, meanwhile, is certainly causing waves, and its pricing for a family membership has already caused Spotify to re-evaluate how much it charges for the same subscription package.