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Microsoft reveals prices for Surface Hub: 55-inch for £4,500, 84-inch for £12,900

Microsoft revealed the prices for the Surface Hub, the whiteboard-sized desktop computer for businesses, earlier this week.

The massive displays, 55-inch and 84-inch, are part of the Perceptive Pixel acquisition. Microsoft acquired the startup to build the monitors, capable of outputting Windows 10 without major lag or display tear issues found on most large displays.

Internally, the Surface Hub will run on the Intel Core i5 processor (i7 for 84-inch model) and support touch and stylus input. Both models will feature 4K displays, meaning super high resolution PowerPoint presentations for all buyers.

The 55-inch Surface Hub will cost £4,500 ($6,999), quite the expense considering most 55-inch 4K displays cost under £2,000. The 84-inch model is even more ludicrous, costing £12,900 ($19,999) at launch.

Microsoft defends the prices with the assertion that the high-end display alongside fully optimised Windows 10 is worth the extra few hundred (or thousand). That might be true, considering there aren’t many competitors building huge Windows 10 monitors, but businesses would need to spend a lot of time at the whiteboard to make it worthwhile.

There is no word on how many units are being manufactured. Microsoft has not commented on the potential to launch lower price models with smaller displays and lower-resolution, for personal use.