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This startup wants to turn your home into a hover-house

What if a building could start to hover and no longer touch the ground just at the moment an earthquake hits? That's the revolutionary idea of startup Arx Pax, the same makers of the Hendo Hoverboard.

Arx Pax aims to use the magnetic field architecture incorporated into its Hendo Hoverboard and apply it on a much larger scale.

The startup has looked into partnering with an early warning system, which aims to determine the exact time a building's "landing gear" should retract and when the hovering engines should engage.

To realise its goal, Arx Pax has said it's teaming up with early-warning software system ShakeAlert, which is being developed by the US Geological Survey.

The ShakeAlert system is the same technology that gave San Francisco's BART a 10-second warning that an earthquake was approaching in August 2014.

In addition, the startup has also patented a three-tier foundation system that will float a platform over a liquid, allowing it to react to small movements, such as floods, rising sea levels and earthquakes.

"When we receive warning of an earthquake, the computer turns on the hover engines," founder Greg Henderson explained in an interview with Business Insider. "All of that happens at the speed of light.

"If you want to separate something from the Earth," Henderson said, "this is the most efficient away."

While this is an advanced project that will be beneficial during natural disasters, the vision for Arx Pax's system remains in alpha.