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Vodafone Connect launched offering cheap broadband in the UK

Vodafone has announced the launch of a new broadband and home phone service called Vodafone Connect.

Three tiers of broadband service will be offered: standard ADSL at up to 17Mbps, and fibre at either 38Mbps or 76Mbps. Pricing will be competitive, particularly if you are already a Vodafone customer, in which case you'll be able to get the basic package very cheaply indeed.

In fact, it will only cost you £2.50 per month for the first year (and £5 per month thereafter), plus phone line rental of £17 per month.

Those signing up will also get the Vodafone Connect router, a plug and play piece of hardware which the network promises is very easy to setup and use.

A companion mobile app also comes with the router, which allows the user to easily set things like parental controls, and to give priority for bandwidth to certain devices in the home. You can also set up guest Wi-Fi with a single click, and this sounds like a pretty neat addition for those who would never normally dive into a router’s often rather unfriendly looking UI.

Jeroen Hoencamp, CEO of Vodafone UK said: “This is a really exciting move for Vodafone in the UK as we move our business into a new phase. We’re looking forward to bringing our consumer customers the benefits of our experience in providing fixed and mobile services, both here in the UK and elsewhere around the world.

“We are looking forward to the year ahead, including our move into offering TV services, as one which will prove to be a step-change in our customers’ lives.”

Vodafone also notes that the new service will see the creation of 400 jobs based in the South East of England and Glasgow.

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