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Facebook Messenger adds 100 million new users in three months

Facebook Messenger added another 100 million users in the past three months, bringing the total amount of active users to 700 million.

Even though it still comes second to WhatsApp, currently holding 800 million active users, Facebook is starting to become the only company in the messaging market.

Competitors include WeChat with 400 million active users, mostly in China; LINE with 250 million active users, mostly in Japan and Indonesia and KakaoTalk with 100 million active users, mostly in South Korea.

All of these pale in comparison to Facebook’s massive 1.5 billion users combined on both platforms, although we expect there is quite a bit of crossover between Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp users.

On Android alone, Facebook Messenger has been downloaded by over one billion users. Facebook started seeing major growth on its messaging platform after forcing users to download the app to message on mobile, something that initially cause a rift between Facebook and users.

One of the biggest updates to Facebook Messenger also came two months ago, allowing developers to create over-the-top apps that work inside the Messenger client. Named Messenger Platform, it has received over 75 apps since launch, including one game.

Right now, it might be useful to have two incredibly popular messaging apps, but in the long term it is questionable what Facebook intends to do with WhatsApp, or Messenger. For advertisers, it is less valuable to have 1.5 billion potential viewers on two apps than one single platform, considering it is unable to attain the amount of crossover between apps.

Facebook has not shown much interest in changing the two apps or merging them, instead allowing WhatsApp to remain largely independent.