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Google will pick the Android phone that's right for you

Can’t find the right Android device that provides everything you want and more?

Google has you covered, with a new way to select all the things that matter in a phone and receive suggestions. Available at Which Phones on the domain, it will show a series of choices before offering phone suggestions.

The user must answer three boxes on “what my new Android phone is for?”, before being allowed to see suggestions. For detailed suggestions, it is advised to pick more than three of the boxes.

Once clicking one of the boxes, it will ask how long that task is performed in a day or week, or how many times it is performed. For example, on ‘Taking Photos’ users can tick 5 a week, 20 a week or over 40 a week.


The suggestions are not that impressive, after going through seven different options there was still more than five phones recommended by Google. It seems phone on the list of ‘taking awesome photos’ and ‘listening to music’ might need to be reconsidered, since some of the phones recommended definitely lack in those departments.

That said, it is nice to see Google at least trying to offer a recommendation service for its Android devices. Hopefully in future updates Google will add a price range option, allowing users that want a phone for cheap to exclude high-end devices.

It might also benefit from using independent critics to evaluate things like camera and audio quality, since Google’s own peers seem to be a poor job on those fronts.