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IT leaders want Windows 10, but nearly half will wait a year

According to a new survey from Microsoft System Center specialist Adaptiva, 71 per cent of IT leaders plan on waiting six months or more before deploying Windows 10.

In the survey, conducted at Microsoft Ignite 2015, 49 per cent said they planned to wait a year or more before updating. Of larger companies 80 per cent of those with over 100,000 nodes said they are planning to adopt in a year or more.

Only 11 per cent of all respondents' organisations are still running Windows XP. This is down from 53 per cent last year in a similar survey Adaptiva conducted at TechEd 2014, indicating that XP is well on the way out in the corporate world.


The biggest barriers to upgrading to Windows 10 were given as application compatibility and time investment (98 per cent), followed by user training (35 per cent), and product maturity (23 per cent). A majority (54 per cent) say the cloud has no impact on their ability to upgrade and patch applications or migrate operating systems. However, 40 per cent claim the cloud is actually making it harder for them to perform these basic systems management tasks, up from just seven percent who felt that way in 2014.

Other findings are that the vast majority of respondents were running Windows 7 (89 per cent) and/or Windows 8 (57 per cent). Of those at organisations with more than 10,000 nodes, 99 per cent are running Configuration Manager in their enterprise and 62 per cent plan to use it to deploy Windows 10.

To move to the new OS, nearly three-quarters (73 per cent) of large organisations plan to use side-by-side replacements - deploying new computers with Windows 10. This compares to 36 per cent who plan to perform in-place upgrades to existing hardware.

More information on the survey and on how Adaptiva's OneSite 5.0 can make your Windows 10 migration easier is available on the company's blog.

Image Credit: iQconcept / Shutterstock