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Jaguar Land Rover wants to scan for potholes and warn drivers

What if cars could talk to each other and warn each other when one of them finds a pothole or a tire flattening, crankcase ruining open shaft?

The exact same question was asked by Jaguar Land Rover, and the company already has an answer which fits in one word: Cloud.

JLR revealed it’s researching into cloud and connected car technology to see whether cars could identify potholes and ruined roads in general, and then share that information with other drivers everywhere.

The technology, ingeniously named Pothole Alert, could save drivers millions of pounds every year on new tires and car repairs, JLR says on its website.

The system is based on MagneRide, a high-performance, semi-active suspension control system that responds in real time to road and driving conditions based on input from sensors that monitor body and wheel motion.

Dr Mike Bell, global connected car director at JLR, said the Pothole Alert research stemmed from the potential the company saw for wider use of the information harvested by the MagneRide system.

"We think there is a huge opportunity to turn the information from these vehicle sensors into big data and share it for the benefit of other road users," he said.

"At the moment the most accurate data comes from when the car has driven over the pothole or manhole", added Mike Bell. "So we are also researching how we could improve the measurement and accuracy of pothole detection by scanning the road ahead, so the car could predict how severe they are before the vehicle gets near them.