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Steam summer sale kicks off with major Grand Theft Auto and XCOM discounts

The Steam summer sale has just kicked off, with some serious bargains to be had, and some big name games benefiting from major reductions.

Have you been thinking about picking up the old Grand Theft Auto games? Then you’ll be pleased to hear that the full GTA collection (which contains everything save for the latest fifth episode) is available with 75 per cent off, priced at £8.74.

The XCOM series is another to have been hit with the discount stick, and you can pick up XCOM: Enemy Unknown plus The Bureau: XCOM Declassified with an 83 per cent discount, meaning this bundle will cost you just a fiver. Or you can pick those titles up separately for £3.74 and £2.99 respectively.

The Metro post-apocalyptic shooters are also on offer, and the Metro Redux Bundle – which contains both Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux remastered in the latest 4A Engine – has been dropped by 80 per cent, costing £6.79. You can pick up either game separately for £4.24.

You can also purchase Hotline Miami 2 for £8.03, a third off, and Don’t Starve Together has been reduced by the same amount so it now retails at £7.36. Tales from the Borderlands has been dropped by half to £9.49 – the same goes for The Walking Dead by Telltale which has also been lopped down to £9.49.

The monster summer sale runs through to June 21, with more bargains set to pop up daily. Hopefully stuff on your steam wish list will see some tasty discounts.