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Twitter drops 140 character limit for direct messages

Twitter is abandoning its 140 character limit! Of course, we're not talking about tweets here – obviously doing that would obliterate the entire point of the social network – but the company is making that change to direct messages.

The BBC spotted an announcement from Twitter stating that DMs will no longer have the 140 character limit imposed, allowing you to waffle on if you're chatting directly to another user. This change will be coming through in July, although Twitter didn't specify exactly when.

Sachin Agarwal, Product Manager for Direct Messages at Twitter, made the revelation, stating: “We’ve done a lot to improve Direct Messages over the past year and have much more exciting work on the horizon. One change coming in July that we want to make you aware of now (and first!) is the removal of the 140 character limit in Direct Messages.”

Agarwal was addressing developers in his post, giving them advance warning in order to prepare their apps and services to cope with the longer form DMs.

He added: “You may be wondering what this means for the public side of Twitter. Nothing! Tweets will continue to be the 140 characters they are today.”

Of course, the really big news at Twitter today is the resignation of CEO Dick Costolo, who will be temporarily replaced by co-founder Jack Dorsey come the end of the month, until a new chief executive can be found.