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Will Jack Dorsey look for permanent CEO spot at Twitter?

The change in management at Twitter has brought Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Square and first CEO of Twitter, back into the fold as the interim CEO, until a new leader if found.

It follows the resignation of Dick Costolo, the head of Twitter, who took over from Ev Williams in 2011 and lead the company through its 2013 IPO.

In an interview with Business Insider, Dorsey did not answer two direct questions regarding his interest in a full time CEO position. Dorsey claims he is only interested in the day-to-day responsibilities of running the company he co-founded.

Rumors around the web claim Dorsey has wanted to return to Twitter since his outing in 2008. The co-founder was originally booted out of the CEO spot for leaving work early to attend yoga and other classes.

Dorsey’s other company Square has moved into a niche business-to-business market, instead of a consumer payments service like Apple Pay. It even announced support for small businesses to adopt Apple Pay through Square at WWDC 2015.

This small market should give Dorsey more time to concentrate on Twitter, which could be one of the most popular and recognised social platforms in the world. Currently, Twitter has 300 million users, lower than Instagram, YouTube and Facebook Messenger, but that could instantly boom with aggressive moves into China, India and Indonesia.

Twitter could also make its service much easier to use for Internet novices, that don’t understand some of the intricacies of Twitter. Making the platform more social by growing out private messaging and adopting “channels” could also be a way to boost activity.

All of this is possible with Dorsey, who has shown previously a desire to build an incredible product over becoming profitable. The only question is do Twitter’s board, which consists of Ev Williams, Peter Currie and Peter Fenton, want Jack Dorsey back as full-time CEO.