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100 per cent cloud adoption could be here sooner than you think

Cloud management specialist BetterCloud has released the results of its latest survey into the pace of cloud adoption in businesses.

The survey of 1,500 IT professionals from 53 countries also looks at the differences in cloud office systems and their customers, the current and expected usage rates for cloud applications, and the effects of cloud office systems on productivity, collaboration, cost savings and more.

The key finding is that by 2020, 62 per cent of all organisations surveyed expect to be running 100 per cent of their IT in the cloud. Currently, 12 per cent of organisations surveyed run all of their IT in the cloud. By 2017, more than a quarter expect to be doing so. However, 27 per cent of respondents believe that their organisations will never go 100 per cent cloud.

As businesses look to replace legacy applications they increasingly turn to the cloud. In 2015, enterprise organisations are running an average of 18 cloud applications, by 2017, that number is expected to nearly triple to 52.

Google shops are going all-in on the cloud at a much faster pace than Microsoft-based companies. 66 per cent of Google Apps customers who took the survey expect to run all their IT in the cloud by 2020, against only 49 per cent of Office 365 customers.

One of the strongest indicators of cloud adoption is the age of the organisation itself. The majority (66 per cent) of organisations five years old or younger expect to run 100 per cent of IT operations through the cloud by 2017. Only nine per cent of organisations 21 years or older expect to be running fully in the cloud by then. It's clear that the cloud offers an advantage to businesses that aren't tied to legacy systems. The age of the workforce is an important factor too. Younger workforces tend to consist entirely of digital natives who have grown up working in the cloud.

"We are at the beginning of the biggest shift in IT in more than 20 years. The growing use of cloud office systems and the increasing reliance on cloud applications is driving us to a tipping point - an entirely new way of working," says BetterCloud CEO David Politis. "Cloud office systems are the foundation of the transition to the cloud, serving as the gateway to overall cloud adoption. Running 100 per cent of IT in the cloud was unthinkable only a few years ago, but as our data shows, in less than 10 years it will be the norm".

You can find out more about the results on the BetterCloud blog.

Photo Credit: RPeshkova/Shutterstock