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Apple Watch 2 rumour pops up concerning display

The rumour mill has already started to crank out speculation regarding the Apple Watch 2, the sequel to Apple's smartwatch which is expected to be released next year.

Apparently, Apple has signed up LG – the current manufacturer of the gadget's display – to produce the screen for version number two. This is according to sources in Korea, via G for Games.

It seems that when it comes to the P-OLED screen, no one else can match LG's performance in terms of turning out consistent quality displays – so the Apple Watch 2 will again have a P-OLED screen.

We can likely expect the gadget to contain more sensors, and do more monitoring on the health front – not that the Korean rumour mill said anything about this, but it’s what Apple itself has promised previously.

It also seems likely that we’ll see the smartwatch sequel next spring, a year on from the release of the original – although there’s always the possibility that Apple will save the launch until autumn 2016, alongside the new iPhones. It likely depends on how development proceeds, as the original Apple Watch showed, when it was delayed in an effort to eke out more battery life.

According to figures from one analyst firm, Cupertino has sold around 7 million units of its smartwatch thus far, although it has only managed to ship out 2.5 million units.

That's certainly borne out by the fact that on Apple's website, the expected delivery of some models has been pushed back from late June to July.