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HTC doesn't want to hear about the Asus acquisition

Even though HTC can't pride itself on amazing sales lately, it still doesn't want to hear about Asus, or anyone else for that matter, buying the company, Hexus reports on Monday.

In an official statement today HTC said that it "has not made any contact with Asus regarding this matter, and it will not consider a merger with Asus".

The negation comes after ASUS Chairman Johnny Shih said to shareholders at its AGM last week that he wouldn't rule out the possibility of buying the struggling HTC.

And HTC isn't exactly 'Apple' when it comes to success. The company has recently downgraded its earnings outlook and has, once again, seen its stock fall as a result. HTC's moderate recent success mostly comes off the back of its HTC One designs, Hexus writes, and this seems to be weakening thanks to it gripping ever-so-tightly to the original design that provided it with a 'dead cat bounce'.

ASUS chief financial officer later told Reuters that he and Johnny Shih had talked privately "about the topic", which was enough to see HTC’s stock jump 10 per cent.

HTC used to be a powerful company, with the smartphone market share of 10 per cent, but it is currently in a fairly long period of decline in market share and it doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon.

On the other hand, ASUS has been growing steadily, with PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone sales growing.

This year ASUS smartphones are expected to see near 90 per cent year on year growth.