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Sonos sees its future with Apple

The Telegraph had a chance to talk to John MacFarlane, the Chief Executive Officer of Sonos, and MacFarlane gave some interesting statements regarding where the music industry is headed, and how both Sonos and Apple fit in that picture.

For those unfamiliar with the name Sonos – it is a a Santa Barbara, California consumer electronics company, first name in wireless HiFi home audio, offering high-end streaming music speakers and whole-home audio setups.

Sonos is perhaps best known for its multi-room speaker systems that allow users to stream digital audio to any room in their house over a Wi-Fi network.

MacFarlane says „offline“ music is losing ground to in-demand audio, and it's a trend he spotted through his service.

“When a person buys a Sonos, the first thing they typically do is add their music collection off their computer or their mobile phone, and then as they add an on-demand service they use that more and more, and use the local collection less and less.”

Talking about Apple Music, he says it will not be supported on Sonos at launch, because Apple’s initial focus is on mobile, according to Mr MacFarlane. In order for Apple Music to play on Sonos speakers it will need to be integrated with the Sonos music app, so the ball is in Apple’s court.

“We are big fans of Apple, so we would of course embrace them any time they want to come into the home, but I think that will be the next priority for them,” he said.