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There will be no pornography on Oculus

When the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift was first mentioned, I know what you were thinking you filthy, filthy person. But Oculus is having none of it!

Oculus Rift wants its virtual reality experience to be safe and family-friendly, which means no pornography. Awww.

Oculus Rift will start selling in the first quarter of next year and it will have its own app store, something similar to what the Google Play and the Apple Appstore offer today.

You will be able to purchase and download apps for the VR headset through that app store, and Oculus will vet the apps which appear there.

A company representative reiterated the Oculus position on the matter of sex, when asked by Business Insider on Friday: “Oculus only distributes developer content that meets their terms of service, which forbid pornographic content from being a part of the Oculus Store,” the spokesman said.

However there's other content, not so family friendly, which also isn't pornographic, such as violence. And violence is basically the foundation of almost every game ever. Here's what Oculus had to say on that matter: “Oculus only distributes developer content that meets their terms of service, but they aren’t open to discuss what those terms are at this time.”

But even if Oculus bans both pornography and violence to some extent, it won't be the end of the world, as this just applies for the Oculus app store. There will likely be unofficial app stores where users will be able to download whatever they want