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Apple’s News app will be curated by human editors

You will likely recall that Apple unveiled its upcoming News app at the company’s WWDC event, an innovation (replete with interactive content, large images and plentiful video) that will go live with iOS 9 come the autumn.

So, naturally enough Cupertino is still preparing the ground for the app, and apparently the software won’t rely merely on computer selection and algorithms to curate articles for users – humans will be involved.

The Guardian spotted an advert Apple posted for news editors to do this job, which should certainly guarantee a level of quality in the service provided.

Not that algorithms can’t do a decent job by any means, but there are still certain calls humans are much better equipped to make – as Apple puts it, potential employees must “have great instincts for breaking news, but be equally able to recognise original, compelling stories unlikely to be identified by algorithms.”

However, as the Guardian notes, the move also raises questions of bias. In other words, how will the News app treat stories covering Apple, particularly those critical of the company?

The advert reads: “The Apple News team is looking for passionate, knowledgeable editors to help identify and deliver the best in breaking national, global, and local news. These editors will help News users find the best and most timely coverage of major news events, while also managing select categories based on their areas of professional expertise.”

Candidates need at least five years of newsroom experience, and a Masters in journalism or communication is preferred. Familiarity with content analytics and social media is also a must.