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Do we really need an Apple sex app?

I didn't even know the iPhone had a sex monitoring app, but apparently it does.

And apparently, even if most of us find such an app useful, it's still risky giving such information to an iPhone, especially knowing how easily things can end up online.

Just ask Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez.

In an article posted on The Guardian, author Pamela Stephenson Connolly gives her opinion on the issue, saying not only is there a risk of someone's sexual life leaking online, but digitally monitoring certain behaviours can in fact, change a person's behaviour.

„Electronic monitoring of any activity can subtly change a person’s behaviour and cognitive processes. That can be a positive thing – as, for example, in helping to reduce obesity by measuring the balance of exercise and food intake,“ she says. „But in the case of sexual monitoring, the scale and reward system would reflect the programmers’ tastes, prejudices and beliefs about what constitutes “healthy sexuality”. And those views might not be psychosexually, culturally or even medically sound for the particular individuals who use the programmes.“

It would be most unfortunate if we were encouraged by our phones to engage in sexual activity just to put another smiley face in the “did it today” box, or to beat a competitive friend who scored highly over the weekend, she adds.

She also makes an interesting conclusion: what if your significant other's score on his/hers iPhone differs from yours? „Looking at your lover’s phone will never be the same again.“