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Facebook launches Moments app offering some photo magic

Facebook has launched a new app you'll be pleased – or despondent – to hear, and this time the idea is to help users more easily share photos from their smartphones.

Moments has been pushed out on both iOS and android, the Verge spotted, and the app scans through your camera roll, using facial recognition tech to pick out any photos of your friends, syncing the image to that friend.

The friend in question can then pull any image tagged with them on your phone over to the Moments app on their handset, so they have that photo too – and vice versa. So if you were out at a party with a bunch of mates, you can all access each other’s pics of the event (or at least the ones you appear in).

It’s also possible to save photos which other users have synced of you over to your own phone’s camera roll. Furthermore, the app allows you to share directly on Facebook or Instagram, or indeed fling something over via Messenger.

Initial user reviews seem pretty positive, with a four-star rating achieved, although some users are wanting the functionality to be extended beyond just the camera roll to include images from other folders (or indeed from Facebook itself).

Image Credit: The Verge