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First challenge of this year’s F1 Connectivity Innovation Prize is announced

Tata Communications has announced the opening challenge of the 2015 F1 Connectivity Innovation Prize.

The prize of $50,000 (£32,000) is intended to spark fresh creativity and discover new technical talents in the world of Formula 1, and it was first awarded last year.

Would-be winners must tackle two technology challenges, the first of which has just been revealed by Lewis Hamilton, and it involves implementing a new approach when it comes to visually displaying race car telemetry and sensor data (the various measurements such as tyre temperature and the like which help the engineers and racing team keep a close eye on the car’s performance).

It’s not just about the trackside personnel though, as all this data is crunched, analysed and visualised back at the factory to get a broader overview of what the racing team can look to improve.

Lewis Hamilton commented: “Technology shapes our lives and drives us forward and I know the F1 Connectivity Innovation Prize will deliver some amazing and innovative thinking again. I’m really looking forward to seeing the ideas that come out of the competition and to helping judge the entries.”

Yes, Hamilton is on the judging panel along with some other names from the racing game which you will likely recognise – including Martin Brundle and David Coulthard.

Julie Woods-Moss, Chief Marketing Officer and CEO of Nextgen Business at Tata Communications, said: “The F1 Connectivity Innovation Prize is about inspiring the brightest minds around the world to harness their ingenuity, technical know-how and passion for F1 to look at new techniques to experience Formula 1 through bold thinking and continuous innovation.

“As the volume of data gathered during each race continues to grow, we call on the entrants to show us their creative flair and design a visually compelling way for displaying all this data.”

Once the first challenge has been completed, the second task will be outlined in August.