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Major update coming for Xbox One in the autumn

Come this autumn, the Xbox One is getting a “completely redesigned user experience”, Microsoft boasts, much of which is inspired by feedback from users (you may have noticed this is a major card Redmond has constantly been playing since Windows 8’s poor reception – the company wants everyone to know it is listening to users now).

So what's in the Xbox One pipeline? For starters, the home screen will be rejigged to ensure that your most commonly used content appears there and is easiest to reach.

Cortana is also coming to the Xbox One, bringing a new range of voice commands and the ability to more swiftly accomplish common tasks, such as finding buddies to play games with online.

Microsoft’s personal assistant will also surface videos and other information relevant to the games you own, helping you get achievements and suchlike – and Cortana will learn and become smarter over time. It’ll be out in the US first, and then the UK.

Microsoft is also implementing a new guide feature to allow you to easily access invites and messages while in a game, and an expanded friends section that shows trending content on Xbox Live, plus it will grant easier access to info like the games your pals have been playing.

Xbox avatars are also coming back, with all the expected customisations but this time realised with much higher quality graphics.