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Sony E3 2015: 11 of the biggest announcements

Sony’s E3 2015 conference featured a whole number of big releases, including two games we thought were cancelled for good given the time since the first announcement.

The Last Guardian

The first of the two potentially cancelled games, The Last Guardian was originally announced six years ago at E3 2009. Sony always said the game was in development, but did not provide any new trailers or a release date, until now.

The cinematic trailer showed all of the changes Team Ico has added to The Last Guardian over the past six years and we even got a vague release date, 2016.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

A new IP by the Killzone developer's, Horizon: Zero Dawn is a third-person action RPG following the lives of a tribe that began hunting the robots, which currently hold dominion over Earth.

Not much is known about the title, but it has a 2016 release date.


A new Hitman game is coming to PS4, although the lack of information from the trailer makes it hard to say anything about the title. It is the sixth in the series, but Sony did not give any release date, meaning this could be a 2017 game.

Street Fighter V

The launch of Killer Instinct and Super Smash Bros has revitalised the fighting scene and Street Fighter V should be a welcome addition, coming early next year.

An open beta will be available exclusively to PS4 owners in July.


Media Molecule, the team behind LittleBigPlanet, is preparing to launch a brand name IP called Dreams. Not much is known about the game, although at the reveal the developer said it is about lucid dreams, with a focus on animation and randomness.


Based in the Wyoming wilderness, Firewatch follows the life of Henry, a fire lookout that is trying to snuff out trouble in the area and make sure the wilderness is safe from fires and other threats.

Campo Santo is building a large web of dialogue options and choices that change the game, allowing each player to have a unique experience. Firewatch revolves around the relationship between Henry and his supervisor Delilah.

No Man’s Sky


Hello Games has shown off its massive space and Spore-like video game for two years now, but at E3 2015 we actually got to see the immense size of No Man’s Sky and the hundreds of thousands of procedurally generated planets.

What we didn’t get was a release date, meaning it will most likely not be coming this year, and Hello Games is not confident they will be finished by 2016 either.

Destiny: The Taken King DLC

The third DLC for Destiny, The Taken King is expected to the largest with a new map, new strike mission and new gear for the player. Bungie seems committed to at least another year of content on Destiny, despite underwhelming performance.

Final Fantasy 7

A fan favourite in the Final Fantasy series, Square Enix will remake all of the scenes of Final Fantasy 7, offering a fresh game for PS4 players. Xbox One and PC should also receive Final Fantasy 7 later, although we have no release date for any of the versions.

Shenmue 3


Already passing its £1.3 million goal on Kickstarter, Shenmue 3 will come to PS4 and PC in December 2017. It is the third in one of the most loved Japanese trilogies and should be Yu Suzuki’s final game.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Sony shocked us all with the announcement of Call of Duty: Black Ops III, considering it has always been an Xbox franchise since Call of Duty 4. The swap to the PS4 may be due to a lack of interest from Xbox or Sony offering more money for some exclusivity.

Either way, Call of Duty: Black Ops III will arrive this year, most likely in November, with map packs and DLC coming to the PS4 first.