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The wearable that can change your mood at the tap of a button

A new wearable device has been unveiled that can keep you calm or provide you with an energy boost, depending on what you need at any given time.

The Doppel uses haptic feedback to tap the wearer’s wrist at either a fast or slow pace, influencing how they feel.

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Unlike the majority of wearables, the Doppel is not focused on measuring health or fitness metrics, but instead aims at providing an emotional stimulus. The device works on the same principle that upbeat or downbeat music can affect performance, either mental or physical.

“Doppel is a new breed of wearable technology,” explains the company behind the project Team Turquoise. “It is not about monitoring your body or sending bleeping emails and alerts. It is about changing how you feel. Doppel is technology that works with your body to give you tangible benefits in your everyday life.”

The device aims to help people through a variety of everyday tasks, whether that’s remaining focused during a long meeting, keeping up the pace during a run, or relaxing before going to sleep. Users simply have to download the smartphone app, enter their resting heart rate and then the rest is managed via the wearable device itself. Users can press Doppel to increase the rhythm, turn the dial left to slow it down and turn it right to change the intensity of the beat.

The project has to raise £100,000 via its Kickstarter page before 16 July if it’s to reach its funding goal. Early bird pricing begins at £70, with regular pricing for the stainless steel model set for £95.

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Doppel is due to begin shipping in April 2016 if it achieves its crowdfunding goal, and with its unique take on wearable tech, it might appeal to a wide variety of gadget fans.