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Stylish Vector smartwatches set for September release

Smartwatch-maker Vector has announced that it will release its core smartwatches, Luna and Meridian, this September.

The two models, which were unveiled at the earlier-held Baselworld 2015, are dubbed by the company as the Vector core smartwatch collection, as they both bear a bespoke OS and similar technology in two different designs.

The Vector Meridian has a square look while the Luna has a round design and has three versions: classic, performance and contemporary.

The Vector smatwatches took away the touchscreen functionality in replacement of a three-button control setup that handles the navigation. The watches have a 30-day battery life, which is aided by its Memory LCD display, similar to the e-paper smartwatches.

The designs boast nato leather or nylon straps, and have a matte black stainless steel or brushed gun metal stainless steel casing.

"Since our launch in March our team have been working very hard to perfect the Vector devices. We want to ensure our customers receive the best smartwatch we can deliver, and we feel confident that the finished product will exceed their expectations," Vector CEO Joe Santana said.

The Vector Meridian costs £169 and the Vector Lunar will start at £299, with pre-orders open until 19 June.