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Whitepaper: Modernise IT to unleash productivity

For small and midsize businesses, the realities of a dynamic marketplace and ever-changing customer expectations pose continual challenges and opportunities. Big Data, the cloud and mobility are changing the way information moves and connections are made across the organisation, offering productive potential while promising competitive advantage. But adoption of these advanced technologies will require a transformation in the capacities, functions and methods of IT.

The game keeps changing

Customer expectations have changed. Every interaction with your business should be quick and responsive, whether it’s after midnight on Sunday or during your mid-morning rush on Monday; whether connecting via voice call, over the web, or in person. Your staff and suppliers expect much the same.

Workers have come to rely on an assortment of mobile devices. They use them to do business more responsively, more quickly and more productively. Data is often stored in “the cloud,” and processed by cloud services. Your corporate data may well depend on the cloud for crucial backup and recovery functions, too.

As organisations implement increasingly sophisticated applications and online services, reaching into every facet of the business, more and more data can be collected and synthesised. Timely, in-depth analysis of that data drives improved productivity, more efficient internal processes, superior customer service and smarter marketing. If you lack these capabilities, you’re behind and falling back. Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are highly susceptible to competitors leveraging pervasive mobile devices, economical cloud services and data analytics to improve customer experience. Empowering employees to interact seamlessly with customers, with each other and with your information systems can build your competitive advantage. Done right, every employee and every process in your organisation becomes more productive.

To read more, download the whitepaper below.

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