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Xbox One Elite controller offers modular design, enhanced accuracy

Microsoft announced a new controller at E3 2015, called the Xbox One Elite. The controller features a revamped design, focused on modulation of parts and increased accuracy for competitive gamers.

Users are able to swap out all parts of the Xbox One Elite controller to create a custom pad. Microsoft will sell additional pads for players, allowing even further customisation.

Hair trigger locks and other buttons can be placed on the back of the controller, giving Xbox One Elite users an advantage in first person shooters and other fast paced games.

This might be an issue for some users, who do not want fragmentation when playing games. Unlike PC where everyone has different hardware, the Xbox One and PS4 allow the gamer to have no hardware advantage over another player.

Button and paddle remapping will be available on select games, although not all titles will support the Xbox One Elite at launch. Most games do not offer button remapping on Xbox One or PC, meaning players need to stick with the default layout.

New values have been added to the thumbsticks, allowing players to set their own sensitivity for the controller.

The PS4 and Xbox One controller are both well designed, but the new Elite version should be enough to move gamers over to the Xbox One for accuracy and customisation. For PC gamers, the Xbox One controller is the only real choice, since Sony has not added drivers for Windows 7 or 8.