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Amazon wants you to deliver its packages

Amazon is looking at Uber for inspiration, as the latest news from the company suggest it wants to do something similar to what the taxi-hailing company is doing.

No, Amazon doesn't want to start a taxi service, but instead it wants its customers to also be couriers.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Amazon is quietly working on a smartphone app that would allow its everyday customers to start working for the online retailer and make deliveries in their area.

The app is called On My Way, as the whole point of the service is that people who are already going somewhere, take an Amazon package with them. Of course, you can always act as a courier and just go deliver whatever needs delivering.

Amazon would store packages at brick-and-mortar stores, where they'd be picked up by individual couriers and taken to the final delivery address.

In a report about the story, The Verge points out a few fundamental problems with such an idea, including double-checking applicants, making sure the orders reach their destination and do so safely.

“Merely executing on this idea and keeping things running smoothly would be a daunting task — even for the company that wants to make deliveries with aerial drones and drop off stuff in your car trunk when you're not around,” The Verge writes.

Amazon already offers one-hour delivery in a growing list of cities, and On My Way could help expand the company's wish to provide instant gratification.

However, The Wall Street Journal points out that such a service might never roll out, as Amazon hasn’t yet committed to the plan.