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E3 lets members of the public in for the first time

E3, the huge annual gaming show which got underway this week, is a little bit different for 2015 – mainly because it’s letting members of the public onto the vast show floor.

Usually with E3, the general public is not allowed in. Only members of the press and game industry bods (investors, shop managers, etc) get to swan around the various stands, being assaulted by noise, lights, heat, booth babes (all right, maybe not assaulted by them), and of course the best games in the pipeline.

This year, ordinary folks with no connection to the industry have been allowed in, the Los Angeles Times reports, although it isn’t as simple as them having bought a ticket.

The 5000 fans who have been allowed to visit E3 over the course of its three days were selected by the companies exhibiting, who each had an allocation of tickets proportional to the size of their stand. And of course, they’ve given them to their biggest fans (or that’s the idea, anyway).

Apparently, this influx of fanboys (and girls) has led game publishers to spice up their stands with more than the average amount of glitz and baubles, in order to stand the best chance of getting photos posted on social networks.

Of course, the members of the public won’t get to go to the E3 evening parties – although that does mean that they won’t be wandering around the show floor the next day bleary and bloodshot-eyed, trying to hunt out some paracetamol and a dark, cool corner to have a sit down in for a bit.