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4 sporty gift ideas for this year's Father's Day

Those with a dark sense of humour (like yours truly) will say that the International Women's Day is actually Halloween, only celebrated during the day, but Father's day is actually much, much darker.

During those 24 hours you are obliged to listen to all the horrible dad jokes (Dad, I'm hungry. - Hi Hungry, I'm dad), and giving a bouquet of flowers is a generally unacceptable gift for a dad.

Instead, you have to spend a bit more money on your father. Truth be told, you can always buy a six-pack and your dad will love you for it (he loves you anyway, you know), but if you're looking for something more, I've gathered a list of four sporty tech gifts you could consider.

Fitbit Charge

Fitbit Charge

If your dad is a fitness freak, or if you think he could do with getting a bit more exercise, the Fitbit Charge is the perfect device.

As well as tracking various exercise metrics such as steps taken, distance covered and calories burned, it also tracks your sleep patterns and even shows your incoming calls when your phone is nearby.

To step it up a notch, the slightly more expensive Fitbit Charge HR offers the same functionality but with an added heart rate monitor and more accurate exercise tracking.

Fitbit Charge


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RHA Headphones

rha headphones

Everyone likes listening to music while working out, and these headphones really stand out from the crowd, as they give a lot of bang for the buck.

Costing less than £40, they produce high-quality sound, all while the noise isolating design blocks out most background noise. They also come with an in-line remote and microphone for seamless control of your music library and phone calls.

RHA Headphones


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Fugoo Sport Speaker


Maybe your dad is more of a bike dude and is discouraged by the fact that having headphones while riding could see you get hit by a car.

In that case you can go for the Fugoo Sport Speaker – a portable speaker of great sound quality, ruggedly built to withstand the elements.

It is fully waterproof and boasts a 40-hour battery life, as well as Siri and Google capabilities all for under £150.

Fugoo Sport Speaker


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Zepp Labs 3D Golf Swing Sensors

zepp golf

For all golf freak dads out there thinking they can become the next Rory McIlroy, Zepp Labs’ 3D Swing Sensors are a great techy add-on to help them up their game.

Just attach it to your golf glove (sensors can also be attached to a racket handle), and let it collect data on your swings, which is then synced to a smartphone app.

You can then analyse the data and work to improve your game through instant 3D and Video analysis.

Zepp swing sensor


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