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LG Nexus phone in the works with 3D camera

Google did not announce any new Nexus devices at I/O earlier in the year, but plans to launch a new Nexus smartphone are still in the works. LG will work on the new Nexus device, set for an early September release.

That’s according to South Korea’s iNews24, who also claimed the LG Nexus phone would feature a 3D camera. The report did not say why LG intended to include the 3D camera, but it may map out rooms like Project Tango, Google’s 3D camera device.

Being able to look at the depth of a room could also enhance photography, as well as taking other types of photos. Hopefully the 3D camera does not make a huge impact on the overall price of the Nexus phone.

Internally, the Nexus phone will run on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor, despite heat problems several manufacturers have reported. LG added the Snapdragon 810 to its LG G4, so the company seems confident Qualcomm can deliver a good experience.

The Nexus device will be one of the first to run Android M, the newest update from Google revealed at I/O. It features a massive overhaul in performance, alongside new app permissions, Android Pay and software level fingerprint support.

Even though the Nexus phone appears to be safe for another year, Google is cutting the Nexus tablet, after poor Nexus 9 sales. Google also reported earlier this year a loss in hardware sales, meaning we might see a downgrade in promotion surrounding Nexus.