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LinkedIn's Pulse news app receives a refresh

LinkedIn has rebuilt its Pulse app from the ground up, with a new focus on content personalisation. The new app should also feature faster speeds when scrolling through news articles, and a more fluid UI for the user.

For those unaware, Pulse is LinkedIn’s own RSS feed, similar to Flipboard or Apple’s News app. It features content from a variety of publishers, alongside news from LinkedIn friends.

"We wanted to make the leap to provide our users with an intelligent digest of news," said Akshay Kothari, LinkedIn content manager and Pulse co-founder. "We want users to pick the right stories. We want to show them what's trending in the industry they work in, where they live and what important to those you follow.”

LinkedIn uses algorithms for the most part to dictate what news is relevant to the user, a different method compared to Apple, currently hiring real-life editors to sort news and offer suggestions to readers.

Even though Pulse is not as popular as other RSS feeds like Flipboard and Feedly, it is up there with the top five. This revamp to the design and a focus on personalisation might bump it up in the App Store rankings for a time, especially if LinkedIn promote Pulse more on its business social network.

LinkedIn wants to be more than the place to find clients and contractors. The acquisition of for £1 billion earlier this year is proof it wants to hold all of the strings when it comes to professionals on the web, offering them tutorials, online learning, job applications, resume builders and even news on the industry.