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Mayor of London announces another "major drive" to boost broadband speeds in city center

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson today announced a new “major drive” to boost broadband speeds and connectivity in the capital, putting emphasis on the areas that continue to offer lower than average speeds.

Even though it is the same announcement the mayor made 12 months ago, this time it comes with a map to show some of the areas with lower than average speeds.


For the most part, speeds across London meet up with the country’s average, but inside the City of London, Westminster, Tower Hamlets and Southwark speeds are well below average.

These areas seem bogged down more than forgotten about, considering the average income-per-capita in Westminster and Southwark is much higher than other places in the UK that achieve higher than average data speeds.

Both Virgin Media and BT have committed to 99 per cent coverage by 2018, although that seems less and less likely given the massive rural population still without Internet service, alongside some of the city centers incapable of receiving adequate speeds.

New broadband providers like Hyperoptic are also helping to relieve some of the problems inside of London, by providing new fibre optic broadband with speeds over 100Mbps.

The inability for the government to invest in broadband growth has slowed the pace of Virgin Media and BT’s expansion. EU laws currently regulate the government from helping Internet service providers expand service, in line with net neutrality rules.