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Raspberry Pi finally gets official case

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has finally launched an official case for the budget computer that has sold in excess of five million units.

The Raspberry Pi has been on sale since February 2012, but until now users had to purchase a case from third-party sellers.

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In a blog post, Gordon Hollingworth, director of software cycles at the foundation, explained that an official case had been in the works for some time, but issues with the injection moulding process caused numerous delays. Eventually the Raspberry Pi Foundation switched manufacturer to the UK-based firm T-Zero in order to produce a case of suitable quality.

“It’s not just plastic. It’s about design, love, attention to detail, accuracy, iteration and overall damn hard work,” Hollingworth explained. “We think you’ll love this new case as much as we do. It’s functional, it’s very good looking, and you can pick one up from our own Swag Store, element14, or RS Electronics.”

The case is a five-part enclosure and can be purchased for £5.50 in the UK. It measures 96mm by 70mm by 25mm, has a removable lid and uses a red and white colour scheme. The case is compatible with Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and Raspberry Pi Model B+ devices.

Initially expected to sell a few thousand copies, primarily to get school children interested in coding, the Raspberry Pi has gone on to become a huge success and earlier this year was confirmed as the fastest selling British personal computer. The device is shipped with all of its circuitry fully exposed, so many users choose to purchase a case separately.

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It remains to be seen whether the official case will prove as popular as the Raspberry Pi itself, but anyone interested in learning more about the enclosure and its manufacturing process can do so here.